Hay Meadow

Top Hedge Laid in Hay Meadow

Not exactly a picnic for the hedging team (Julia is the clearing up member of the team – behind the camera)

White clover in hay meadow

The hay meadow has flower rich margins but the centre was dense grass three years ago. We have taken one or two crops of hay for three years but not tilled. The grass is now thinning; the sheep graze while next door’s hay crops and we have white clover for the bees, then we crop late in the year and we are slowly seeing hay meadow flowers return.

Cutting Hay

Our first grass rich hay time.

Field margins

The hay meadow has wide borders full of flowers; we have large areas of woundworts and dead-nettles creeping out from the hedge bases. On bee identification days we always come to this patch to find long tongued bees.