BeeEd Courses

Group walkin down hillside to the reserve

We hold bee identification days. The group here are making their way from Helsington church to the bee reserve.

Identifying bees on the knapweed

If we are lucky enough to have sunshine the knapweed attracts plenty of pollinators to identify.

Bee are captured in test-tubes

Bees are captured in glass tubes for identification and then released unharmed.

Flatford Mill

In June we take the Introducing Beekeeping and Intermediate Beekeeping Courses to Flatford Mill Field Study Centre.

Bridge next to Bridge Cottage

At Flatford we teach in the labs and outside. The weekend is amazingly relaxing – away from the world beside the River Stour, this is the view up the river from the lab.

Valley Farm

While we are at Flatford the beehives are in the field behind Valley Farm. We take a glass observation bee hive too so that new beekeepers can see exactly what goes on inside the beehive throughout the weekend.

A group of new beekeepers

A group of new beekeepers at Flatford, returning from their first hive inspection.

Land Rover on the back of pickup truck

Homeward bound from Flatford! We were allowed in the front but there was a strict understanding – ‘no bees in my cab’.